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Our Mission

Our mission at Trainsolo is to aid hard working individuals in fulfilling their dreams by giving them access to effective solo training. All top athletes know how important it is to get in those extra sessions in addition to team training. However, few know how to train efficiently and effectively without the guidance of a coach. A lack of drill ideas, limited resources, and an asymmetric knowledge on how these drills are applicable to the game all result in poor training sessions. Youtube provides a collection of soccer drills, but too much time is wasted sifting through the unorganized format. Trainsolo addresses these critical problems by offering an affordable application that employs a methodology of session organization, match analysis, and progress tracking, proven to get you to where you want to be! 

The application possesses a large database of high-quality individual drills tailored to your objectives, time, resources, and  current ability. Trainsolo algorithmically creates an organized and adjustable training plan with individual video demonstration, voiced explanation, and college game footage of how the skill at hand can be used in a match. Other features include

an unprecedented collection of college fitness tests, a technical hub, and soccer related interviews. Coaches can also get involved too! A linking feature allows coaches to generate a specific training plan and send it to their players through the app. Trainsolo is easy to use and will help make your independent training sessions worthwhile.

Our Stories


Abby Carchio

Professional Footballer

Abby grew up in Lakeville, Massachusetts playing club soccer for New England Futbol Club (NEFC). She then went on to play her four years at Brown University. There, she captained the team and helped bring home the first Ivy League Championship in over 20 years. Abby is currently playing professionally for FC Gintra in Eastern Europe. 


Throughout her time at university, Abby coached aspiring young footballers of all ages in one-on-one private sessions. She has also coached numerous youth squads. Through her playing and coaching experiences, Abby is well versed in identifying and rectifying common mistakes players make when training on their own.



  • Brown University


Favorite Player- Tobin Heath

Favorite Team- Real Madrid

Favorite Career Moment- Winning the 2019 Ivy League Championship with my teammates


Alex Cooper-Hohn

Brown Men's Soccer

Alex was born in London, England and had lived there his entire life before university. Alex is a sophomore at Brown University.​ He is currently playing for Brown Men's soccer.

As a result of the requirements of varsity and experience from walking on to the team, Alex learned of the large total addressable market of student-athletes who train alone. There he established not only the market, but the areas that could be immensely improved in order to make individual training more effective and rewarding for those willing to put in the extra hours. 


  • Brown University

  • Southbank International School


History Degree with an Entrepreneurship Certificate: Brown University

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