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What Is Trainsolo

Trainsolo gives serious soccer players the edge to compete, achieve their goals, and help others

Understand where each drill practiced can be applied through match analysis. By recognising match case scenarios for the skill being developed, players are able to effectively transition from practice into a match. Drills become more exciting, motivating and realistic.


What if you could apply every drill you practised?

what if Individual training Sessions were personalised?

Elite athletes always tailor their training plans to  effectively address their strengths and weaknesses. "One-Size Fits All" session plans on Youtube and competing applications, miss the mark completelyTrainsolo is the first ever soccer training app that allows users to create a plan that pertains to their level, objectives and time. By personalizing a session, a player can truly work on the areas that need attention.


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What if you knew you were fit for the season?

Learn and reach the levels of fitness that real college programs set for their players. Run the fitness exam within the application and track your progress to see your improvement and current ability

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We're on a mission to Transform individual training