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What Is Trainsolo

Trainsolo gives serious soccer players the edge to compete, achieve their goals, and help others

Understand where each drill practiced can be applied through match analysis. By recognising match case scenarios for the skill being developed, players are able to effectively transition from practice into a match. Drills become more exciting, motivating and realistic.


What if you could apply every drill you practised?

what if Individual training Sessions were personalised?

Elite athletes always tailor their training plans to  effectively address their strengths and weaknesses. "One-Size Fits All" session plans on Youtube and competing applications, miss the mark completelyTrainsolo is the first ever soccer training app that allows users to create a plan that pertains to their level, objectives and time. By personalizing a session, a player can truly work on the areas that need attention.


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What if you knew you were fit for the season?

Learn and reach the levels of fitness that real college programs set for their players. Run the fitness exam within the application and track your progress to see your improvement and current ability

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We're on a mission to Transform individual training

Social impact is at the heart of what we do


For Every session you complete, we donate to a charity of your choice
It's really that simple

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Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 10.56_edited.jpg

76 percent


train alone by making up the drills as they go along, creating the drills themselves, or using Youtube

63 percent


train over 5 hours individually in the off season  

81 percent


believe that match analysis would have benefited their recruitment process and in-game performance 

Survey of over 100 Highschool and College Players

"I used to ineffectively make up my own drills, Trainsolo has allowed me to take my training to the next level"


Jacob Smith 

Michigan Winger, Class of 2021


Latest stories

"Seeing the drills players at the same level as me are doing makes me motivated and allows me to keep testing myself "


Haley Crain

 Mit Defender, Class of 2021


"The application allows me to find drills that test my weaknesses but, most importantly, it improves the quality of my training by forcing me to recognise match case scenarios"


Ariel Perez

Moses Brown Midfielder, Class of 2021

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what players had to say...

"I train a lot by myself, but it was much more organized and purposeful with Trainsolo. I found a lot of new dribbling/juggling/wallwork patterns, and felt like I had really productive sessions because they were scheduled, there were suggested amounts of reps, and the drills were fun and interesting."


Nathalie Landau 
Amherst Midfielder, Class of 2022

optimise your individual training to help reach your objectives
Provide the right resources for your kid to Thrive 

Learn more about how we designed trainsolo to make sure that you achieve Great results

Assign your players personalised Off-Season Training plans

Latest Stories

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Meet The Team


Alex Cooper-Hohn

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Alex was born in London, England, where he played for Brentford Academy. He is currently a sophomore at Brown University. He played a year for the varsity squad. Living away from home required Alex to train without coaches and teammates quite often. This solo training experience allowed him to clearly identify the difficulties and inefficiencies in self-run sessions. 

Alex is currently pursuing a business-economics major at Brown. His entrepreneurial knowledge has led him to identify the niche market that Trainsolo aims to target.

Meet The Team


Abby Carchio

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Abby played four years at Brown University. There, she captained the team and helped bring home the first Ivy League Championship in over 20 years. Abby is currently playing professionally for FC Gintra in Eastern Europe. 

Throughout her time at university, Abby has coached aspiring young footballers of all ages in one-on-one private sessions. She has also coached numerous youth squads. 

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