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Our Philosophy and plan

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Problems (Frequently Observed): 

  • Drills are created during the session/limited planning

  • Hard to find new drills 

  • Lack of progressive development within drills

  • Limited knowledge of game application of the skill being practiced

  • Drills not being completed with correct form

  • Recommendations often require equipment not owned

  • Misconceptions on best process for college recruitment 

  • Limited knowledge on supporting aspects of the game (mentality, leadership, etc)

  • Records of current objectives and progress not kept formally

  • Asymmetric knowledge on college fitness requirements 

  • Loss in motivation 

Our Solution:

  • Quickly and comprehensively design a personalized session (level, time, and,objective) that can be saved, and shared

  • Progress the drill/skill to harder and different potential match scenarios

  • Watch in-match application of the skill being practiced with graphics and explanation

  • Watch demonstrations and advice by college players of how to complete and setup each drill 

  • View thematic interviews from players, coaches, and trainers exploring their experiences

  • Understand and train for your university's fitness test with descriptions regarding conduction and acceptable scores

  • Easily track your progress and set objectives 

  • Develop tactical positioning through in depth tactic board sessions, graphical analysis, and interviews

  • Complete quick sessions for your environment through the technical hub (5 minute follow alongs and single drills)

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Step 2

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Quickly and Comprehensively design an easy to follow session tailored to your objectives   

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watch graphical application of the skill you are practising and navigate to your specific area of interest regarding the drill

The Current Problems that Trainsolo aims to Address 

Our mission at Trainsolo is to aid hard working individuals in fulfilling their dreams by giving them access to effective solo training. All top athletes know how important it is to get in those extra sessions in addition to team training. However, few know how to train efficiently and effectively without the guidance of a coach. A lack of drill ideas, limited resources, and an asymmetric knowledge on how these drills are applicable to the game all result in poor training sessions. Youtube provides a collection of soccer drills, but too much time is wasted sifting through the unorganized format. Trainsolo addresses these critical problems by offering an affordable application that employs a methodology of session organization, match analysis, and progress tracking, proven to get you to where you want to be! 


The application possesses a large database of high-quality individual drills tailored to your objectives, time, resources, and  current ability. Trainsolo algorithmically creates an organized and adjustable training plan with individual video demonstration, voiced explanation, and college game footage of how the skill at hand can be used in a match. Other features include an unprecedented collection of college fitness tests, a technical hub, and soccer related interviews. Coaches can also get involved too! A linking feature allows coaches to generate a specific training plan and send it to their players through the app. Trainsolo is easy to use and will help make your independent training sessions worthwhile.

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Individual training does not replace team training

Trainsolo believes that players should roughly follow the 80:20 rule in-season. While this is not an exact science, as players have varying lengths and amount of team practices, the rule serves to emphasize that individual training is there to support your team involvement; not replace it.  


Moreover, individual training is only one aspect of the game. It is meant to work in tandem with other developmental tools like watching the game or playing in team environments. 

This said, Trainsolo firmly believes that no matter how many times you train per week, you have to train alone to maximize your potential. This comes down to a few fundamental beliefs: the amount of touches and repetitions one can get training alone, the ability to focus on personalized weaknesses, and a chance to improve on your consistency in vital areas needed to achieve success in your position.

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Soccer Training

There are so many factors in the game - While technical individual training is vital, it does not have the ability to simulate it all

Personalised and Specific Progressive Format

Trainsolo operates development of skills in a progressive format. While it is clear that every skill requirers a different number of progressions (especially from player to player), almost every skill should be developed in a step by step process. For instance, skills such as stepovers/scissors can only be carried out successfully if one learns to lace drive with their chest up and set the ball in the right direction and distance before applying the movement over the ball. In order to make sure that all of these components are included, it is vital you do not try to add all of them at once and do not go at full speed before mastering the fundamental technique. Certainly players will have different starting abilities and can start further along the progressions, but the underlying view is that the development of a skill should be built up and tailored to your initial level.

Not only do you want to make the training progressively more challenging, you want to personalize it to the specific areas you want to improve in your game. To incorporate this personalization, Trainsolo allows its users to customize their plan by adding their own drills, time limit, and level of progression. This way, the training plan is rigorously designed around your current level and focus  optimizing your desired improvement. 

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Progression 1

Progression 2

Progression 3

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Progression 4

Progression 5

Progression 6

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Personalise your training session by having the ability to modify the drills we offer to your level, number of people, equipment, and time 

What we are, what we are not


  • Personalise training session (level, objective, time and resources) 

  • Improved effectiveness for individual and small group (1-3) sessions

  • Technical improvement

  • Better understanding of aspects of drills and completion 

  • Insight into what it takes to make it to college soccer (interviews)

  • Improved understanding of application (limited viewing)

  • Progress tracker

  • Understanding of fitness tests at colleges you aspire to attend


  • Not a substitute for watching full games

  • Not a substitution for team training

  • Does not heavily focus on nutrition/gym work 

  • Does not offer every skill/scenario

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Trainsolo is the missing piece you need to create a holistic training regiment

The Mindset needed for improvement

Individual training, no matter if planned to perfection or completed with great equipment, is only tangibly effective if you really train with intent.


One of the main reasons to keep switching from individual (or smaller groups) to team training is that it reminds you of areas of your game that are not developed enough to be used effectively in a match. This is why there must be emphasize on practicing these drills with game-like intensity. 

Trainsolo aims to give you the underlying tools for success, but you growth ultimately depends on how much you put into each session.

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